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Osteopathy is a comprehensive system of musculoskeletal assessment, therapy, and management that can help to alleviate a wide range of symptoms and pain. Osteopathic treatment aims to improve functional performance throughout the body in order to restore its natural equilibrium using massage and manipulation of muscles and joints.

Osteopathy is a suitable treatment for everyone, from babies to the elderly, for people with desk-bound jobs to those engaged in manual work. We often treat children, pregnant women and those with postural problems. We work with athletes and those undergoing rehabilitation.

Some of the more common symptoms Osteopathy can help manage include:

· Acute & chronic backache or back pain

· Shoulder and elbow pain

· Tennis elbow

· Hip and knee pain

· Sciatica

· Headaches (derived from the neck)

· Migraine prevention

· Minor sports injuries

· Muscle spasms

· Generalised aches and pains

· Arthritic pain

· Rheumatic pain

· Fibromyalgia

· Circulatory problems

· Cramp

· Digestion problems

· Neuralgia


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