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Osteopaths in Sevenoaks & Tonbridge

Same day appointments available  |  On-site parking

At Bessels Green Osteopaths, we assess, treat and manage physical conditions and help alleviate pain

Osteopaths in Sevenoaks
16 Main Road,
Sundridge, Sevenoaks
Kent TN14 6EP

Osteopaths in Tonbridge
Tonbridge School Sports Centre
London Road, Tonbridge
Kent TN10 3AD

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Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that can help manage painful conditions for all ages using hands-on treatment. This might include massage, manipulation of muscles and joints, articulation, and exercise prescription. Osteopaths are also able to refer to other practitioners or specialist consultants, as appropriate.

Pre-operative & Post-operative Treatment & Rehabilitation 

Pre-operative treatment and management may help tackle pain and disfunction which can slow down post-surgery recovery. This form of management may consist of exercise and advice on how to safely strengthen both the affected and unaffected areas in order to be in the optimum condition for the recovery process. Manual therapy can help speed up your recovery after surgery. Treatment may help with managing swelling, bruising, and pain, and will also include exercise prescription and aftercare advice.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can occur in any part of the body including muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Manual therapy can help manage injuries from the initial painful stages through to the rehabilitation phase, and safely guide you back to your sport as quickly as possible.

Pregnancy & Postpartum

The changes that occur during pregnancy, such as postural adaptations, softening of ligaments, and changes in weight distribution, may lead to additional pressures on different areas of the body, potentially causing pain. Manual therapy may help manage the physical demands that each trimester brings as well as stresses and strains on your body following birth.

Massage Therapy

Massage treatment often involves the application of pressure to muscles in all areas of the body using various techniques. We offer various types of massage therapy including sports massage, remedial massage and pregnancy massage. Massage is often used to compliment Osteopathic treatment or a management plan and can help to maintain soft tissue health in athletes.

Children & Babies

Osteopaths often undertake paediatric training and are qualified to work with children and babies. The skeletons of young children are softer than adult skeletons, so gentle treatment is used.



“Joe has magic hands! My neck and shoulder feel so much better after just one visit. Helpful suggestions for aftercare and maintenance too. Friendly environment - Would definitely recommend.”

Lynsey D.


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